About The Firm

Service to Clients

Tashlik Goldwyn Crandell Levy LLP, is a law firm that is dedicated to providing a high level of service to its clients.  We are a smaller firm by design in order to provide direct access to partners , efficient service and a  focus on our clients’ legal requirements and business goals.

We serve clients’ needs with an interdisciplinary approach.  We are organized into six broad disciplines: Corporate, Litigation, Real Estate, Securities, Tax, and Trusts & Estates.

Innovative Solutions

We have demonstrated an ability to discover innovative solutions to client problems. We possess a singular talent for resolving the most complex of legal problems. We regularly advise our clients of the most recent legal developments affecting their business. We stay in touch with our clients. Through this ongoing process we are able to devise alternative structures and implement solutions to achieve each client’s objectives.

Our communication with our clients allows us to develop a complete familiarity with every facet of a client’s corporate and personal needs, enabling us to evaluate the implications of each legal matter on a multitude of levels. We develop client relationships that go beyond the norm and that promote prompt and direct communication. Our solutions result in a much more efficient use of time and cost-effective legal representation.

At TGCL, our attorneys are committed to fostering individual involvement in every client’s interests. By selectively assigning an attorney or a team of attorneys to each matter, our clients are ensured that we are personally serving their best interests.

In addition, many of our attorneys occupy positions of leadership on corporate, community and charitable boards. This gives us a larger perspective on the people we serve and a clear understanding of the implications that our work has on individuals, corporations and the community.

An Alliance Built on Counsel

TGCL was founded on the spirit of individual involvement, and throughout our success that vision has never wavered. The long-term relationships we enjoy with our clients have been built with that bond as our foundation.

Our clients include publicly and privately held commercial enterprises, manufacturers, financial institutions, investment funds, joint ventures, limited partnerships, social media and communications, entities, professionals and not-for-profit organizations. We counsel companies and entrepreneurs in a broad spectrum of industries: from pharmaceuticals to trading companies, broadcasting to hi-tech firms, real estate to information management systems, consumer products to defense electronics and Internet, website and software developers to traditional media.

As varied as our client roster may be, our priority is always the same: to provide the highest quality of legal representation and to address an entire spectrum of issues that are vital to our clients. Servicing the whole client, rather than merely the issue at hand, is the common thread running through every relationship entrusted to us.

TGCL is a leader because of our commitment to putting our clients first. Our goals are reached not only because of our legal expertise but because we remain dedicated to our tradition of close working relationships between counsel and client. We listen to our clients and appreciate the opportunity to represent them.